Lahváč 2018 is over 11. 9. 2018

Lahváč 2018 is over

The company's traditional football tournament “Lahváč 2018 - Memorial of Josef Tobola “ already the 13th year is over. The tournament was attended by a total of 5 teams of employees from Vítkovice Cylinders, Vitkovice Milmet and Stean. The best sports performances were shown by Vítkovice Team Cylinders from operation 2 who won the entire tournament. Congratulations!

Total tournament ranking:
1st place - Vítkovice Cylinders - operation 2
2nd place - Vítkovice Cylinders - operation 1
3rd place - Vitkovice Milmet
4th place - Vítkovice Cylinders - operation 3
5th place - STEAN

We thank all the players and fans for their participation and we are looking forward to next years!

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