Unique project with a great success 22. 5. 2019

Unique project with a great success

In cooperation with talented people, we connected the presentation of the production of cylinders with philosophical discipline.

1st May traditionally includes the Open Days in Vítkovice. Like every year, the open Vítkovice Cylinders plants welcomed countless visitors, who enjoyed guided tours of the production plants, oxygen therapy in the relax zone, airsoft gun shooting or a parkour show on high-pressure cylinders.

The last mentioned activity has been the most successful for all visitors, whether it was individual visitors, couples or families with children. Famous names of parkour scene such as Jan Rušaj, Tomáš ZONY Zonyga, Lubomír LUBO Baum or Tomáš SAHIR Taran showed their skills through the newly built parkour area. How did the whole unique connection go? Check out the video below :-)

Cylinders Holding a.s.
Členové skupiny Cylinders Holding a.s.