The second life of steel cylinders 4. 10. 2023

In Germany Mr. Müller uses old cylinders to make some beautiful creations in form of fireplaces. These detailed creations have beautiful designs and come in various shapes and forms. We have contacted Mr. Mueller with some questions to have a closer look and learn about what makes them so special.

1. How long have you been working with these fireplaces?

We are doing all the metalwork for 15 years, since 2008.

2. What inspired you to make these firepits from our cylinders?

Actually, I was very creative already for 20 years with metalwork and loved to build crazy stuff for the garden. Time to time some people came around and starting buying my creations. That was the beginning ;)

3. How long does it approximately take to make one of those beautiful pieces

The programming of graphics is the most intensive time part. Then I guess one day for making the template and one hour for the product itself.

4. What are the most complicated parts that your customers asked you to do?

Sometimes people send me pictures of their dogs. To make that into a final product takes a ton of a work

5. What tools do you use to make these?

All the tools are self-made. Then the standard ones are plasma cutters and welding equipment.

6. Who are your typical customers and what do they use these for?

I guess the customers who search a special gift for a special person is or best customer. After that usually come garden owners who needs a safe and optical fireplace. We also got lots of sale partners around from EU who sell our products at garden centres.

If you would like to have your own special fireplace, you can find them on the website:

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