1828 - Foundation of Vítkovice Iron Works by Rudolf Jan Habsburský

1906 - Commencement of seamless steel tube cylinder production

1954 - Commencement of forged milling ball production

1988 - Commencement of extrusion plant construction for production of half-products for 200 bar cylinders

1994 - Commencement of cold-rolled light steel cylinder D 140 mm pipe construction

1996 - Commencement of 300/450 bar steel cylinder production

1997 - Commencement of accumulator production

1998 - Commencement of 20-120 mm diameter annealed milling ball production

2008 - Commencement of the biggest high-pressure steel cylinder production in the world by reverse extrusion

            method (water cap. 260 L)

2009 - First project of CNG OEM for OPEL

2012 - Merger of VÍTKOVICE CYLINDERS a.s. and VITKOVICE MILMET S.A. under VÍTKOVICE the brand

2014 - Production of the first seamless steel cylinder with pressed internal neck

2015 - Production of the first stainless steel seamless cylinder 200 bar by reverse extrusion method

2016 - Commencement of 500 and 1000 bar hydrogen tank production

            Commenced development of acoustic emission testing as a non-destructive method for revision of steel

            cylinders up to 330 bar

            First supply of special tanks for military marine purposes

            Incorporation of CYLINDERS HOLDING a.s. upon divestiture from VÍTKOVICE HOLDING a.s.

2017 - Production of the first technical gas and CNG tank with working pressure of 1380 bar

            Manufacture of 14th million cylinder at VÍTKOVICE CYLINDERS a.s.

            1.6. Ceremonial inauguration of the new brand and strategy of CYLINDERS HOLDING

Cylinders Holding a.s.
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