Symposium of Volunteer Rescuers of the Slovak Republic 19. 12. 2023

Symposium of Volunteer Rescuers of the Slovak Republic

On Saturday, December 2, representatives of Cylinders Engineering Services were part of the Volunteer Rescuers Symposium at the Police Academy in Bratislava. The professional representation of Cylinders Engineering Services presented with great success to Slovak rescuers Rescuer O2XYGEN - the first certified portable oxygen apparatus for the purpose of providing first aid for non-medical personnel. In our company we realize that each of us has a duty to provide first aid in case of a threat to human health and life. We should therefore be able to give the necessary first aid. We see this priority as essential.

This is how the project called RESCUE POINT was created - a place equipped not only with a defibrillator but also with our Rescuer, in most public places such as shopping malls, railway stations, offices and other places where first aid equipment should be available in case of an emergency. The great interest from rescue units from all over Slovakia has opened up a whole new field of activity for us thanks to our participation in this symposium. At the rescue symposium, many participants also tried our oxygen therapy and its effect on concentration of attention and the immune system. This unique therapy consists of inhaling 99.5% O2. Its benefit is to oxygenate the body, literally every cell in our body. Cylinders Engineering Services views human health as a core value.

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