Cylinders Holding and Vítkovice Cylinders succeed in Czech ministerial mission to the USA 6. 2. 2024

Cylinders Holding and Vítkovice Cylinders succeed in Czech ministerial mission to the USA

Representatives of Cylinders Holding and Vítkovice Cylinders actively participated in the recent mission of the Czech Transport Minister Martin Kupka to the USA. One of the most important items on the agenda was a meeting at the federal Department of Transportation (DOT) in Washington. The DOT is the main authority for certifying Cylinders Holding products for the US market. Therefore, the common topics were the results of the pre-audits conducted and our plans for the certification of new products, such as the new acetylene cylinders. "We experienced a professional, very businesslike and at the same time helpful approach from the Department of Transportation. Special thanks to Duanne Cassidy and Diane Jones," said Vladislav Smrž, who participated in the mission on behalf of our company.

The U.S. DOT has general responsibility for safety on U.S. roads, railways, airspace and waterways. It is also responsible for the certification and approval of steel cylinders produced by Vítkovice Cylinders. The company is proud of having been possessing these certifications for more than 20 years and renew them at regular intervals. 


"Safety in the world of cylinders is a top priority for us. Our goal is to push the technological boundaries and to continuously increase and improve safety in the transport of compressed gases," recalls V. Smrž. That is why, he says, Cylinders Holding is now working on new acetylene cylinders for the US market. We hope to be able to present new cylinders to our customers by the end of this year."

Other interesting discussions and meetings were held with customers in the south and southeast of the USA. "We are pleased that our business partners perceive Atlanta Cylinders' entry into the US market as a positive step. We bring high quality, high-end products, manufactured with world-leading technology. We are not an alternative to cheap Chinese imports, but a proven, established global brand. We are happy that our partners perceive us this way and we look forward to further developing our cooperation across the US," V. Smrž.


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